Today’s date is October fourth. The moon is in Pisces–Eldritch get down, she’s not going to bite you–moon is waxing gibbous. Sun is in Libra. Client name is, well. I guess technically the client name is Nala...Nala is four...a Gemini and does not have an alignment I can judge because well, she was–is–is. A dog. I hope, at least. In any case, she’s a dog now and should stay that way through the night if I did everything right.
— Case One: Transformation

The Story

Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Servies is an on-going fantasy audio drama about a witch’s documentation of her clients and how she deals with a mysterious saboteur who is trying to destroy her magick business.

If you like stories about minority witches in modern-day working class neighborhoods, meddling love goddesses, and morally ambiguous spellcraft…this is the tale for you.

The Crew

Creator & Producer: Lisette Alvarez

Script Consultants: Idris Grey, Ashley Mitchell, and D. B. Wansel

Cover Design: Kristina Lakeway


By the Numbers

Premiered December 15, 2017

Episode releases on the 1st and 15th of every month

3 teaser episodes/prequels

Season 1: Completed August 2018 - 13 total full episodes

Season 2: Premieres February 2019

Season 3: Premieres February 2020

20 minute average run time per episode

Desiree Journal episodes to date: 2

Fan episodes/crossover tarot readings: 4


The Cast of Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services


Lisette Alvarez (Kalila Stormfire)

Lisette is a witch, storyteller, globetrotter, and digital strategist. A third culture kid with 19 countries under their belt, Lisette is also a queer Latinx creator who wanted more stories that reflected their reality. You can follow them on Twitter @lisettewalking.


Whitney Johnson (High Priestess Gabrielle Ravenwood)

Whitney Johnson is a writer and performer who enjoys pushing the boundaries of form and media. She’s currently cultivating her best queer sea witch life in the PNW with her Cat who doesn’t mind the friendship of crows. You can find her on Twitter @EditrixW.


Chris Magilton (High Priest Hector Ivory)

Chris is an Australian high school Drama teacher who fell in love with audio drama during long drives to and from work. He is currently working on writing, producing and performing in Among the Stars and Bones, a sci-fi audio drama about a xenoarchaeology team traveling to distant worlds to investigate the artifacts and ruins left behind by a vanished alien race (Coming in 2019). In addition to Kalila, Chris has upcoming roles in the yet to be released Copperheart. Rest assured that he is also working on at least two secret projects at all times. You can follow him @chrismagilton on Twitter.

Anairis Quinones (Una, Queen of the Fae)

Anairis Q is a voice actress, writer, and singer based in Central Florida. She can be heard as Mai from Asagao Academy, Sutra from Crush Crush, and Caty Velasquez in Within the Wires. You can also hear her on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in The Journey Down, Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs, and Ghost Song. If she's not voice acting, she's developing her RPG Ghost, performing as Disney characters for events, or releasing song covers.


Zayn Thiam (Desiree Onasis)

Zayn Thiam is a West African photographer, writer and performer hailing from the sunny coasts of Senegal, and currently based in D.C. after a lifetime of hopping around the globe. You can find them reading the tarot, making & mending things, or daydreaming with rum and sweet treats. You can also follow their work on Instagram.


Alex Christian (Finvarra, King of the Fae)

Alex Christian is a Model, Actor and Athlete, born in White Plains, NY, and raised in San Marino, CA. Alex began his athletic career at the age of 6 in the Korean National Sport of Taekwondo. He has also competed internationally as a competitive swimmer, and was an avid Rock Climber in college. Alex began his journey in the fitness industry in October of 2013 and has since been a Fitness, High Fashion, and Runway model. Alex is a 2 time Internationally published model, with a full spread in Center Stage Magazine, and a feature in the UK's SHE Magazine, and is also a 6 time Nationally published model with MKOVAH Magazine. Alex is signed with Revalushion Management Agency and Condra Artista, and has made appearances on Disney XD and the CW. Additionally, he has made several commercial appearances, and has starred in several short films, and has since added voice acting to his repertoire. Outside of his career as a model/actor, Alex enjoys long boarding, surfing, snowboarding, camping, fishing, playing music, and spending time with his family. 

Twitter: @alexchristian88


Sena Bryer (Heather Lovely)

Sena Bryer is a Los Angeles-based voice actor and writer. Relatively new to the acting world, her current credits include the narrator of the Steam Whistle Alley audiobook and the lead role in the podcast The Pilgrimage Saga. She is also the author of the Dreambound series. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, tabletop RPGs, and petting dogs.


Other Cast Members

Karim Kronfli (Clarence Twinner)

Forenza ASMR (Gloria Sousa)

Sam "Raethr" Nguyen (Samuel Argent)


Why People Love Kalila Stormfire


"It’s not often that I find a show that I think will sit in the same place in my heart as Welcome to Night Vale, or King Falls Am, or the Bright Sessions. Kalila Stormfire, appropriately enough, just stole my heart away. I’ve fallen head over heels with this show: with its creativity, and its humanity, its humour and its drama. I just can’t wait for more!"  — ITUNES LISTENER

"If you're a big fan of Willow and Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then you'll love this podcast! A "witch for hire" podcast as she talks about her recent cases and gives fomr fun insights into what it's like being a witch in this world."  — OSTIUM PODCAST

“I loved the first episode, you really get a feel for Kalila and some of the struggles she is facing. I found the character extremely relatable, Kalila is trying to change and be a better person, different from who she was. It’s a difficult journey, and I think that Lisette captures that extremely well. I’m excited to hear where this is going.” — AUDIODRAMARAMA

"A fun and heartfelt show in which the diverse and detailed world and its characters handle very real and relatable issues. With a combination of episodic magical challenges and long-running mysteries and conflicts, it promises a very entertaining run!" — ITUNES LISTENER

"I fell in love with this show right from the get-go. Each episode has such wonderful depth and earnestness that is only added to by the magical elements included. I am always eagerly awaiting new episodes and am never disappointed by Lisette's storytelling abilities." — ITUNES LISTENER

Through the case files of a young witch, we are shown a truly, scientific and holistic approach to solving the traumas of everyday life. This show also beautifully builds a world outward, creating a specifically designed world around this witch who has been cast out by her coven and is, herself, healing from her own secret traumas. This show is magic- I'm sorry, magick. Highly recommend." — ITUNES LISTENER